Parent Bulletin 21.09.18

Parent Bulletin 21.09.18

This week

  • We have been impressed by the way our pupils conducted themselves during this third week without bells to signal lesson changeovers. The parts have now arrived and the system should be fixed over the weekend. School without the bell has certainly been a different experience for all of us. There are pros and cons of having a bell ring across a busy school. It can provide structure to the day and a sense of urgency to get where we need to be, ensuring lessons start promptly. It can also mean greater congestion in the corridors as all pupils head out at the same time. When the bell returns next week no doubt we will all have to adjust again. With or without it, our values remain the same however – we want all of our pupils to make the most of the time they have in school for learning.


  • Our annual Open Evening for prospective Year 7 pupils will take place on Wednesday, 3rd October. The School will close early on that day and will open later the next day. A letter has been sent by email today with further details.
  • An email has been sent to all parents of Year 7 pupils inviting them to a Social and Information Evening on Thursday, 27th September at 7pm. We look forward to seeing everyone there. Please confirm attendance if you have not done so already.


  • The PSA are organising a ‘nearly new’ uniform sale on Saturday, 13th October 2018 from 10 till 11.30am.
  • Look out for other announcements from the PSA regarding their popular Christmas Ball and a new family quiz night.
  • A very advanced warning of an important date for all of Year 7 – on the evening of Friday, 7th December they are all invited to attend an end of term Christmas Party organised by the PSA.


  • So far this term 48,098 positive House Points have been issued across all Year groups. 93% of all points issued have been positive – a great start to the year. Every parent can access their child’s profile through Class Charts and the instructions to do this are on the School website. Of the 7% negatives, the vast majority are for lack of organisation and homework issues. Please continue to check pupils’ planners frequently and have conversations about homework and their learning at school – this makes a big difference.
  • Our uniform policy reflects our values and reinforces our School’s culture of high expectations for every pupil. We attach great importance to the appearance of our pupils and all are expected to dress according to the uniform policy. Smart uniform also indicates a pride in the School to which the pupils belong and is one way in which we identify ourselves as a School community. Thank you for your support with this. In particular, please can we encourage you to make sure that all girls in Year 7 to 11 are wearing the correct skirt and also that bags are plain as per our policy. Also, as the weather starts to become more autumnal, please ensure your child has a plain, dark brown coat to match their uniform.
  • This ethos also underpins our Sixth Form dress code. Our Sixth Form students are role models for others and are also expected to ensure they are smart in appearance and following the code.
  • The School continues to have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and societies. However, we are keen to arrange even more. Does your son or daughter want to help set up a society? Please ask them to speak to Mr Heath, Deputy Head Teacher.
  • We are grateful to all parents/carers who have taken a lot of time to label items of uniform and PE kit. This is the only way we can identify any lost items. Unfortunately, we have already collected many lost items that are not labelled.
  • Parents of pupils in Year 11 are asked to remind their sons and daughters that it is never too early for pupils to develop the routines needed to revise well in this important year. All have access to – an excellent resource. Many use this regularly already. It would be great to see all of Year 11 on the site this weekend.
  • All households can gain free access to Microsoft Office. This is available for download when pupils log into their Office 365 account. It allows free software for the entire time the pupil is at the School.
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