Darrick Wood Artists Receive National Recognition

Darrick Wood Artists Receive National Recognition

We are delighted that three Year 12 students were chosen to exhibit at a  prestigious nationwide competition yesterday. The Mall Gallery received approximately 25,000 entries. Out of those, 340 were selected and 4 of which were chosen from Darrick Wood – a quite phenomenal achievement.

The aim of the exhibition is… “… to send out the strongest message possible, to all our young artists, that our society needs creative people who will enrich the fabric of our culture… “  James Horton, MA, PPRBA

Needless to say we are very proud of Gabrielle Dalsan, who had 2 paintings exhibited, Samuel Courtnay who also had a painting exhibited and Isabelle Burrin who had a Photograph exhibited.

Lastly the Art Department would also like to recognise that without the support of our technician, Avril Stellyes, we may not have had met the deadline to enter the competition. She was most definitely a driving force, who arranged, packaged and completed all the paper work in order for us to enter.

A huge congratulations and well done to all involved.

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