Parent Bulletin 04.05.18

Parent Bulletin 04.05.18

This week

  • Year 10 examinations have gone very smoothly this week and we have been impressed by the maturity shown by the pupils at what can be a stressful time. Over the course of the next few weeks, teachers will be marking examination papers and encouraging pupils to learn from this experience in preparation for Year 11.
  • Assemblies, this week delivered by Mr Heath, have focused on the examination season and encouraged all year groups to consider what happens when we are judged and when we judge others. As a school, we encourage a growth mindset, open to feedback and challenge where we seize opportunities that enable us to learn and grow. We also discourage the judgement of others just because they are are different to ourselves. Some parents may remember the children’s book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ which was used to illustrate these points.


  • Year 9 core examinations (English, Mathematics and Science) begin on Tuesday. All pupils are aiming for 100% attendance particularly this week. We wish them well with the examinations.
  • Parents of pupils in Key Stage 3 are encouraged to view updated documents on the parents’ area of our website which provide descriptions of what pupils learn in Key Stage 3 and resources they can use to prepare for the examinations.


  • Year 11 have already received a copy of their examination timetable for the public examinations. The main public examination season starts on Monday, 14th May, however a number of components will start before that date including MFL oral examinations and Art GCSE examinations. All students should check their timetable carefully and ensure that they arrive in good time for the start of any examination.
  • All Darrick Wood students have a school email account which they can use for school work only. Staff are not expected to answer emails from students although many do not mind doing this and will tell their classes if this is something they wish to do. This can help with the setting of homework and provision of additional resources. Should they choose to use the School email system to communicate with their classes, they are not then expected to respond immediately to direct emails from individuals as they have lives away from school and need to maintain a work-life balance.
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