Maths Challenge Competition

Maths Challenge Competition

On Wednesday 22nd February, a small group of us participated in the Maths Challenge at St Olaves School.  Myself (Daniel Haughey), Alfie Barnes, Evie Brett and Imogen Edmundson made up the team representing Darrick Wood School.

With over 30 schools competing, the day was packed with brain teasing challenges, including a mathematical crossword and a relay!

The day began with a short briefing, followed by the first challenge.  This consisted of 20 exam-style questions, designed to stretch our brain and give you a taster of what was to come.  We found this especially difficult. 

Afterwards we had to split into two groups of two and complete a crossword based on maths questions.  But the catch was, one pair had the across clues and the other had the down clues.  So, without conferring, we had to work out our own answers and use the other pairs answers to complete the crossword.  This required great team work and communication skills.

After lunch, we completed the final task – the relay.  Staying in our pairs, we were given a question ranging in difficulty, which you had to answer and give back to your teacher.  If it was correct, they would have to run and give to your other pair who were on the other side of the hall.  It got very tense and everyone was running as fast as they could to beat the other teams.

It was a challenging yet fantastic day, and Darrick Wood came 24th, which was very good considering we were mainly competing with grammar schools.  We all found it extremely fun to participate in, and would recommend it to any students, if given the opportunity next year.

Written by Daniel Haughey, 9YD

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