Parent Bulletin 01/07/22

Parent Bulletin 01/07/22

There are still three weeks until the end of term and such a lot to squeeze in before the summer holidays. Whilst not all of our traditional events of this time of year have returned since the pandemic, next week sees the full return of our Year 7 induction day, new Year 7 parents’ welcome evening and of course Sports Day. To top off a busy week we also see the return of our annual Dance Production.

This week was no less busy with a lovely gathering of Year 11 students on Wednesday afternoon who attended a leavers’ assembly and celebrations. We were fortunate to have some wonderful musical accompaniments, a photo montage of past and present photos where we looked all the way back to the start of our students’ journeys at Darrick Wood School. Form Tutors pre-recorded messages of support and highlighted their favourite memory. Mrs Donald, Mrs Burt, Miss Harrison and Dr Airey gave speeches summarising five years at Darrick Wood School and advice for future education and careers.

The assembly was followed by celebrations outside with pizza and drinks served from the Silver Bullet, courtesy of our catering company. Finally everyone queued in the sunshine for a ’99 ice cream! Students had the opportunity to speak with their teachers, sign shirts and take photos. It was a lovely afternoon and enjoyed by all.

Well done Year 11. Good luck for your GCSE examination results this summer! Well done also to Year 12 for reaching the end of their assessments this week.

Changes to note from September 2022

School Rule 2 (punctuality) has been altered to reflect that we no longer have an afternoon registration. The times of the School day will also be altered ever so slightly incorporating a 45 minute lunchtime (in place of the 40 minutes currently). It is hoped this will support an even larger range of lunchtime extra-curricular activities.

8.35amStart time of school and registration – pupils must be on site before 8.35am
9.00amLesson 1
10.00amLesson 2
11.20amLesson 3
12.20pmLesson 4
2.05pmLesson 5

School Rule 10 (mobile phone and related items) will be adjusted to reflect that we are aware most students have phones on them and may well use them on their way to and from school. However, our current “ban” and requirement for parents/carers to make an appointment to collect confiscated phones is in need of updating for 2022. This does not mean we are relaxing our approach at all.  From September, we will use the phrase “off and away all day”, so basically there is no change in practice – if a phone or related digital item is seen or heard it will still be confiscated.

This change recognises that phones are very much part of young peoples’ lives and the majority of parents appreciate their children having a phone on their journey to and from school. Also, whilst there could be some educational benefits to using phones in lessons, the disadvantages far outweigh these potential benefits and we would prefer school to be a time when pupils are not constantly looking at a screen. From September 2022, if a pupil chooses to bring a phone in they do so at their own/parents’ risk. The Governing Body takes no responsibility for loss, theft or damage. The first occasion when a pupil has their phone confiscated, they may collect it themselves that afternoon, 20 minutes after the end of school. For subsequent confiscations we will escalate the sanctions and parents will need to collect the item / meet with AC/AAC/SLT. Please note these changes do not come into effect until September.

The benefits of a Darrick Wood School education

We would like to think there are many benefits and these should be celebrated! At Darrick Wood we have long believed in the importance of a broad and balanced curriculum. There was a report this week stating that across the country, Year 9 students do not get regular music lessons. This is certainly not the case at Darrick Wood where despite the recent pressures on schools financially, we have managed to retain subjects like music on our curriculum. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum runs from Years 7 to 9 and includes all national curriculum subjects and more. Long may this continue.

Volunteers needed

If any parents/carers are able to help out the PSFA at the School events below please email

Tuesday, 5th July – Dance / Gym Production

We need a few volunteers to serve refreshments during the interval at around 7.45pm.  We would need to set up around 7pm and should be finished just after 8pm.

Wednesday, 6th July – Uniform Sale @ New Year 7 Parents’ Welcome Evening

We need several volunteers to help set up after school at 4pm and volunteers to help on the evening 6.30pm – 9.30pm.

Volunteer Police Cadets

The Police Cadets are looking for new recruits. See the leaflet in the link below.

Dates for the diary

Tuesday, 5th July – Dance Production (7pm)

Wednesday, 6th July  – new Year 7 parents’ welcome evening (7pm) and second hand uniform sale

Thursday, 7th July – Sports Day (Years 7-9), Employability Day (Year 10), It’s a Knockout (Year 12)

Friday, 22nd July – End of term

Thursday, 18th August – A level results day

Thursday, 25th August – GCSE results day

Wednesday, 31st August – Start of term (PD Day – staff only)

Thursday, 1st September – Years 7 and 12 start

Friday, 2nd September – All students return

Wednesday, 5th October – Open Evening

Monday, 17th – Friday 28th October – Half-term break

Monday, 19th December – Monday, 2nd January – Christmas Holidays. Return to school Tuesday, 3rd January

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