Parent Bulletin 29/04/22

Parent Bulletin 29/04/22

This week

The theme of assemblies this week was Time. This was illustrated through a consideration of time travel (1980s nostalgia through the story of Back to the Future), reflections on the relatively short time of human life on Earth compared with over 4 billion years of Earth’s existence and finally on the invention of accurate clocks in the 18th century to aid navigation when travelling the world by sea. The story of clock accuracy is a fascinating one (if you like that kind of thing) but there were really two important messages in all this related to time:

  • To create or do something amazing takes years of dedicated work and we can all benefit from dedicating our time to things we are passionate about
  • We should make the most of the time we have in school and get the most out of life, to help ourselves and others be successful

Year 10 had even more important things on their minds this week – exams. This was their first taste of how GCSE exams will feel and we are really proud of how the majority conducted themselves during a challenging week. They deserve a well-earned rest this weekend and we look forward to seeing them everyone else back at school on Tuesday.

Public examinations

The GCSE and A level examinations are fast approaching, the first since 2019 and the message from assemblies this week could not be more poignant for our examination year groups. They are now at the point where many of the distractions of life need to be put on hold, where they need to get plenty of rest and be healthy, but they also need to ensure they are putting in the hours of work needed for success in the exams. We are here for them as we go into these final weeks and want to encourage them to work closely with their teachers and ask for advice whenever they need to.

Deaf Awareness Week

Next week is Deaf Awareness Week (2nd May – 8th May) and there are a number of ways that we plan to acknowledge, celebrate and fundraise for this. The Deaf Centre staff and students have been working on Form Time activities for all students and staff to participate. These include the opportunity to watch videos about the experiences of deaf people and undertaking listening activities to ‘guess the word’, as well as using British Sign Language.

There will also be an assembly for Year 7 in which they will get to meet a Hearing Dog of one of our students. In the Deaf Centre we have 21 pupils and two of them have a hearing dog. The dogs help practically around the house. They support their owner in being aware of alarms and danger around the house. They also help to raise confidence outside the house too.

As part of Deaf Awareness week, on Friday, 6th May, we would like all students to show their support and wear an item of blue clothing in replacement of an item of uniform or an accessory in addition to their uniform e.g. a blue top or blue head accessory, and donate £1 to do so. The money raised will be donated to Hearing Dogs for the Deaf. Hearing Dogs for the Deaf train the dogs to support the Deaf person emotionally and practically day and night and it costs approximately £100 to train each dog. Donations are to be made via ParentPay. Please log in to your ParentPay account and give £1 or more. We hope many of our students will get involved.

Poetry success

It is with real delight we can share that Alexandre Kingsbury, our Year 7 Darrick Wood Poetry Champion, has advanced in the Poetry By Heart competition and has been invited to the National Finals. This is an outstanding achievement for a Key Stage 3 student, even more so for a student in Year 7. He will now get the chance to go to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre for a performance of a play, stay overnight at the London School of Economics, perform at the Globe’s main stage and meet top poets such as Poet Laureate Simon Armitage.


Most students have now got used to the need to wear a lanyard and ID card around the School site. This enables us to quickly identify students and which year group they are in. Should your child lose or break their lanyard please make arrangements via the School Office to replace it as soon as possible. They will need a note in their planner accordingly.

School starts at 8.35. Any student that arrives through the gates after this time is recorded as late. Please ensure your child is able to be on time daily. This is an important life skill of course but also ensures they are then best prepared for the school day ahead.

Dates for the diary

Monday, 2nd May – Bank Holiday (School closed)

Thursday, 12th May – Sayers Croft Year 8 parents’ meeting – 6pm

Monday, 16th May – Public examinations start

Monday, 30th May to Friday, 3rd June – Half term

Monday, 13th June to Friday, 17th June – Years 7-9 assessments

Friday, 22nd July – End of term

Thursday, 18th August – A level results day

Thursday, 25th August – GCSE results day

Wednesday, 31st August – Start of term (PD Day – staff only)

Thursday, 1st September – Years 7 and 12 start

Friday, 2nd September – All students return

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