Parent Bulletin 04/03/22

Parent Bulletin 04/03/22

This week

World Book Day was the theme of our assemblies all week. Here students were inspired by hearing the story of a teacher who overcame difficulties with reading when young to eventually become not only avid reader but even a Teacher of English! The assembly encouraged everyone to read more because books open up worlds that we might never otherwise experience. We might never climb Mount Everest, but we can read about it and learn from this. We might not personally experience racism or homophobia but we can read about those who have and therefore grow as individuals and empathise more easily. On World Book Day itself Years 7 and 8 took part in a book quiz in classrooms and the Main Hall. Lots of fun was had and we hope that everyone has a renewed interest in books and in reading.

There was also the announcement in assemblies that our former library is soon due to re-open under the new title of “The Reading Realm“. We aim for this to be a place where all students can come and discover and enjoy books of all kinds, a space where they will develop an even greater love of reading. More on this in a future bulletin.

On Thursday evening we were delighted to welcome parents/carers of students in Year 9, along with students themselves, to find out more about the subjects they will study in Years 10 and 11. The Options Evening was incredibly well attended and we were pleased to be able to hold this in person, at the School. Parents/carers of Year 9 students should look out for additional information being sent home soon which includes some supplementary online materials from subject departments.

Parent consultation on uniform

Please see the email that was sent this afternoon regarding the cost and nature of the Darrick Wood School uniform. Thank you to those who responded so quickly already. The survey closes at 6pm on Tuesday, 8th March 2022.

Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs)

We wish all of our students in Year 11 the very best as they sit what we call the PPEs from Monday, 4th March. These not only help prepare them for the public exams this summer but will also help inform grades in the now unlikely event that exams are again cancelled. PPEs are also arranged for Year 13, the following week.


You are encouraged to join the PSFA lottery – a chance to win but also raise funds for your child’s school. See for details.

The PSFA is planning a second hand uniform sale at the School on Saturday, 19th March 2022. The Committee is looking for any (metal) hangers to help arrange the clothing. Please drop these off at the School if you have any.

Funds raised by the PSFA this year will be used to support the re-launch of our former library including the purchase of new books and furniture. Funds will also be used to develop a sensory garden towards the rear of the School so please do all you can to support PSFA activities so that all children at the School will benefit.

Work has begun on the sensory garden. We have a long way to go, but it is great to see the land has been cleared and is ready for students to plan and implement its design.

The PSFA is established as a registered charity of Amazon Smile. Please support the PSFA and the School by visiting and nominate Darrick Wood PSFA as your chosen charity.  Whenever you make a purchase from Amazon do it via and the PSFA will receive some additional funding. If all involved with Darrick Wood School do this we could raise significant money for the School.


Dropping off/picking up in a car? Please do not use the School’s entrance/driveway to turn around. Please also park on local roads with due consideration for our neighbours, and not blocking driveways. Thank you.

Dates for the diary

10th March – Year 9 Parents’ Evening

19th March – Second hand uniform sale

24th March – Year 10 Parents’ Evening

1st April – last day of spring term

19th April – first day of summer term

21st April – Year 7 Parents’ Evening

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