Parent Bulletin 04/02/22

Parent Bulletin 04/02/22

Year 11 parents’ evening

We are aware there were some technical issues with the SchoolCloud system yesterday. We have informed SchoolCloud of this and will be wanting ensure this does not happen again. Parents/carers who were affected should contact the School and if teachers have not done so already, they will then make alternative arrangements for feeding back to parents. Please accept our apologies if you were affected. We are also aware that parents will sometimes want more than 5 minutes with each teacher. However that is the length that our parents’ evenings have always been and is required because it gives the best chance for as many parents as possible to meet with their child’s teacher. As always, if you require further contact from any of our teachers, please contact the School Office.


This week’s assemblies focused on Chinese New Year. Next week we will be marking Children’s Mental Health Week. After the half term break we will have a student led assembly on diversity and inclusion and throughout February are flying the rainbow flag for LGBT+ History Month.

School Production

We are so looking forward to being able to go ahead with our production of Grease next week. The students and staff involved have worked so hard towards this, rehearsing in very difficult circumstances as COVID continues to affect us. We know they will put on an amazing three shows and we look forward to sharing more about these next week.


A key feature of our ethos is that we believe in a smart appearance. It is one way we can visibly indicate our high standards and ambitions for all our students. So that all are treated fairly, all are expected to follow the same uniform policy. Whilst this has had to be adapted during the COVID era, we want to ensure all students are clear on our current expectations. Our uniform policy, school rules and other associated policies are available on our website. All are expected to follow these. Students may only wear to school items that are on the School Uniform Policy. If there is ever an issue, we expect parents/carers to write a note in their child’s planner but this should be rare.

Mobile phones and headphones

As you are aware, mobile phones and headphones along with other expensive items are not allowed to be brought to school. Rule number 10 in our School Rules enforces this:

10. Mobile telephones, headphones and digital devices such as smart watches should NOT be brought to school and will be confiscated if seen or heard

I am writing today to ensure all are clear that the term “headphones” includes the recent examples of these –  earbuds/airpods. If students are seen with any of these items in school they will be confiscated. Our School Rules are expected to be followed in school but also to and from school and so we do not expect to see students with these outside the School Gates either.


We have noticed a worrying trend amongst some of our older students. Whilst it is illegal for under-18s to purchase vapes or e-cigarettes some appear to consider these a healthier alternative to smoking. They are illegal for a reason and in school they are considered within our no-smoking policy. They are not allowed to be used by staff in school, let alone students. School Rule 13 is clear on this:

13. Lighters, matches, cigarettes, items related to e-cigarettes/vapes and so-called ‘legal highs’ must  NOT be brought to School. Any such items will be confiscated and disposed of. A sanction will be issued for possession or use of such items whilst in school uniform. Smoking (either cigarettes or e-cigarettes) or being in the company of smokers in school uniform, is forbidden and is punishable by internal exclusion.

As stated above, our sanction for students who break this rule, or who are in the company of those who do, is internal exclusion. However, if the behaviour is repeated external exclusion is likely. Please ensure your child is aware of our expectations with this.


The Metroplitan Police has informed us about another worrying trend – that of sweets that contain edible cannabis. Unfortunately, these look very much like normal sweets and are packaged as such. They are being marketed on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram. Please be vigilant about this and ensure your child is aware of the potential risks to their health.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Your attention is drawn to the email sent on Thursday regarding plans for COVID-19 vaccinations. We are unable to answer queries about these. These should be directed to the contact details provided in the letter. If you wish your child to participate please complete the form provided in the email.


You are encouraged to join the PSFA lottery – a chance to win but also raise funds for your child’s school. See for details.

A date for your diaries – The PSFA is planning a second hand uniform sale at the School on Saturday, 19th March 2022. The Committee is looking for any (metal) hangers to help arrange the clothing. Please drop these off at the School if you have any.

Funds raised by the PSFA this year will be used to support the re-launch of our former library including the purchase of new books and furniture. Funds will also be used to develop a sensory garden towards the rear of the School so please do all you can to support PSFA activities so that all children at the School will benefit.

The PSFA is established as a registered charity of Amazon Smile. Please support the PSFA and the School by visiting and nominate Darrick Wood PSFA as your chosen charity.  Whenever you make a purchase from Amazon do it via and the PSFA will receive some additional funding. If all involved with Darrick Wood School do this we could raise significant money for the School.

Dates for the diary

8th to 10th February – School Production of Grease

14th to 18th February – Half-term break

22nd/23rd February – Year 11 Health Day

24th February – Year 12 Parents’ Evening

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