Parent Bulletin 08/10/21

Parent Bulletin 08/10/21

This week

The PSFA had its AGM on Monday. This was well attended and all committee positions were filled along with several officer positions. Dr Airey thanked all those involved for their time and commitment over the past year. Despite not being able to hold any in-person events at the School due to the COVID-19 restrictions and the lockdowns, parents/carers of the School still managed to raise enough funds to pass £5,600 to the School. New picnic tables and chairs for some of our playgrounds have been purchased as a result. The remainder is likely to be spent on improved water dispensers for the re-usable bottles that pupils are now expected to use in school. We are grateful to all that have helped with the PSFA and to those who taken part in fund raising activities (e.g. lottery/raffles). 

Assemblies this week had a combined focus on Talents and Black History Month. The Manchester United and England footballer, Marcus Rashford was highlighted as someone who has made the most of his talent in football but who had also gone a step further in his lobbying of government to provide free school meals during the holidays and lockdown periods. Pupils were encouraged to consider recommendations in Mr Rashford’s recently published book and to apply these in their own lives aiming to get the best out of themselves:

  • Be comfortable with who you are – you can’t be a champion until you’re happy being you!
  • Dream big
  • Practise like a champion
  • Get out of your comfort zone and learn from your mistakes
  • Navigate adversity in a positive way
  • Find your team
  • Use your voice and stand up for others
  • Never stop learning

Assemblies next week are being arranged by a group of students, again with a focus on Black History Month.

Wednesday saw the return of our annual Open Evening. With last year’s Open Evening having to be held online and this year’s having to be adapted around a continued cautious approach to COVID-19, we were unsure what to expect but all of our meticulous planning and hard work led a very successful evening and many positive comments from those who attended. We accommodated more guests then usual but spread more evenly around the site and over time. We now have three Open Mornings that are already full and an additional one is planned.  Further information will be placed on the website early next week. Thank you to all of our staff and students who helped ensure a successful evening went ahead.

Food Bank fortnight (Harvest Festival initiative)

To mark the traditional Harvest Festival time of year, we are collecting donations during a Food Bank Fortnight. The following slides have been shared with all students during form time and promoted in assemblies. We are encouraging all that can donate to do so by next Friday.

PSFA news

Further to the information about the AGM above, we encourage all parents/carers to find out more and get involved in the activities of the PSFA as outlined on the PSFA website here.

A PSFA second hand uniform sale is being planned for Saturday, 6th November. More details to follow.

DWS Audio news

The latest episode of our weekly drama serial ROUGH DIAMONDS is available to listen to on our YouTube channel


You can also catch five more new micro dramas written and recorded by some of our Year 7 pupils. You can listen to these via our DWS Audio blog

DWS Audio (

Asymptomatic LFD testing

Latest national statistics indicate that 1 in 15 children aged 11-16 are estimated to have had COVID-19 in the week up to 2nd October. The number at Darrick Wood is far lower than this but we should continue to do all we can to reduce the likelihood of transmission. A key way to do this is for all students to continue to take an LFD test at home twice weekly. Guidance relating to COVID-19 can be found on our website here.


Parents/carers are not allowed on the School site without a prior appointment.

Please avoid using the School’s entrance as an area in which to turn your car around. We are very concerned about a minority of drivers who do not appear to notice how dangerous this can be when 1700 students are leaving the site.

Also please avoid parking near the School and always park with consideration for our neighbours.

Events for your diary

18th October – 29th October – HALF TERM

1st November – return to school

4th November – Sixth Form Open Evening. Details about this event aimed at those in current Year 11 will be available next week

18th November – Year 13 Parents’ Evening (SchoolCloud)

24th November – Year 8 Parents’ Evening (SchoolCloud)

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