International Day – 21st July 2021

International Day – 21st July 2021

Today, Wednesday, 21st July 2021, Darrick Wood School celebrates International Day, and students across the School will learn about different countries: their cultures, their languages, their cuisines and so much more. International Day lessons will allow students to explore the diverse world within which we live, whilst also reflecting upon the relevance of other countries and cultures to their own lives.

In Art, for example, Year 9 students will explore architecture from around the world, whilst Year 8 will discuss how masks are used and made in different cultures around the globe.

In BTec Business, students are exploring the ICE Hotel in Finland, and reflecting upon how the on-site restaurant offers a diverse range of culturally-relevant dishes. Students will then take this learning further and identify the climate, landscape, culture, attractions and appeal of a global destination of their choice.

In Dance, lessons are focused around the culture of Bollywood and students will participate in a Bollywood-style routine, whilst in DT Food, students have been encouraged to produce a dish from an international country.

In Geography, students will explore the significance and meaning of various countries flags, including the relevance of each flags colours and symbols.

In IT, students will hone their research skills to plan for an International Festival on Norman Park, and they hope their plans impress the Mayor of Bromley. In Year 10 GCSE, programmers will use Python to produce a magic 8-ball game, and the random outcome will cause the 8-ball to say hello in one of eight languages.

In Literacy, student have taken part in the ‘Wider World’ challenges and are writing to pen pals in another language, whilst Year 8 students have been reading Percy Jackson and, in doing so, have learnt about Ancient Greece and Greek Mythology.

Internationally-themed Maths problems will be explored in Maths lessons, whilst in MFL students will have the opportunity to explore a new language, including Greek, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Quechua (South America) and Gā (Ghana).

In Media, students are looking at how media is marketed around the world, and how media text can be used to reach global audiences, whilst in Music students are looking at music from Indonesia, Africa and Brazil. In Psychology students are taking a look at the origins of different psychological theories and research from a variety of countries.  They are also looking at nationality and culture of some of the most famous and infamous psychologists.

In Science lessons, students are studying the International Space Station. There’s a little bit of history about International cooperation in space and students have to work on an International mission to Mars using the ISS as a template for scientific cooperation in space.

We hope that all students enjoy their experience of International Day and that we are able to share some of the excellent work that will be produced.

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