Parent Bulletin 30/04/21

Parent Bulletin 30/04/21

This week

Our virtual assembly this week was focused on Stephen Lawrence Day and students were invited to learn about both the racially motivated murder of Stephen and subsequent outcomes following the public enquiry and media attention.  Students learnt about the significance of Stephen Lawrence Day as a legacy for change and a range of additional resources have been shared with Form Tutors to explore Stephen Lawrence Day with students in even greater depth. You may wish to explore Stephen Lawrence Day further at home by looking at

Further to my email on Wednesday, I have been made aware of rumours that developed about the incident. Many of these sound inaccurate. Please be aware that the intruder we removed from the School was not armed, but was carrying a bottle. I can confirm that the police are involved and that we are reviewing our security arrangements to see if there is anything we can do to prevent such an incident in the future.

I remain impressed by the way the vast majority of our students are conducting themselves and focusing on making the most of their time in school after the disrupted year. We do not yet have any updates from the government on the wearing of face masks or other aspects related to COVID-19 in schools but as soon as we do, we will let parents/carers know.


We have always been proud of our strong tradition of after school clubs and wider extra-curricular activities. We know these make a big difference to our students. Now the School has been re-opened successfully for a good while I feel we can begin to re-introduce some of our after activities. Whilst we are not yet in a position to offer anything near what we have previously offered, we have exciting plans for September, but in the meantime are pleased that over the next few weeks clubs will start for Year 7 including Dance, Resistant Materials and PE (Athletics). Look out for further news on these and for other year groups / subjects in due course.

COVID-19 testing

You are reminded of the following:

If you or your child or someone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19 you should isolate and arrange for a PCR test. You must not use the school provided LFD tests if symptomatic.

For asymptomatic (LFD) testing, as provided by the School, you are reminded to check that your child is taking the tests in accordance with the instructions provided. If a test is positive, you need to arrange for your child to have a confirmatory PCR test and isolate in the meantime. You do no use other supplied LFD tests to re-test. A subsequent negative LFD test does not override the original positive LFD test result. Only a PCR test which is sent off to a laboratory can override the original result. If this comes back negative then your child no longer needs to isolate.

PSFA news

As mentioned in last week’s bulletin, the PSFA will be holding a second hand uniform sale on Saturday 8th May 10-11.30am at the School. Early next week we will send you the PSFA’s latest newsletter which, along with all the latest news will announce the winning new logo design from one of our students.


Please ensure your child has their full school equipment including Planner, ID card and lanyard, full school uniform/PE kit and face mask (unless exempt).

Please avoid parking near the School or stopping or turning near the School gates. Always be mindful of safety on the roads near the School and park with consideration for our neighbours. Please remind your child to take care when travelling to and from school, especially when walking in a group where they can become distracted.

Social media

We regularly share information with parents/carers about the safer use of online sites and social media.  We would also want to draw parents/carers attention to the fact that most social media sites have a minimum recommended age rating.  When speaking with some of our students it is also clear that they are sending Direct Messages (DMs) to people who they have met online and do not know in person.  Please do check the age rating on any app before allowing your child access to it and ensure that they know how to use appropriate apps safely.  More information on E-Safety can be found on the School’s website in the Parents’ Useful Information section. 

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