Parent Bulletin 19/03/21

Parent Bulletin 19/03/21

This week

We have finally finished the LFD testing at school and home testing kits have now been distributed. If your child did not bring one home please tell them to let their tutor know and we will make arrangements. As mentioned in last week’s Bulletin, the testing at school was a massive undertaking but very much part of the strategies needed to re-open schools and in that respect has therefore been very successful. Overall, since 5th March 4637 tests were undertaken (plus 10 that were void). Around 90% of our students were tested and there were only four positive results during this time. I want to again thank all the staff involved, the students for their sensible and mature approach, and of course their parents/carers.

In order to continue to reduce the risk of asymptomatic transmission in school, the home testing kits should be used twice weekly, 3-5 days apart. For example, your child could test themselves on Sunday and Thursday. All tests results must be reported following the instructions that have been sent home and all positive results should also be reported to the School using the form on the website. If the result is positive, your child and household should isolate and a follow-up PCR test must be obtained and, in a contrast to the testing in schools, this PCR test overrides the home test result. Please see the email sent earlier this week for further information.

Away from the testing the main news this week is the welcome reintroduction of face to face teaching and we encourage all students, whichever year they are in, to make the most of their time in school now that they are back. We have also continued to have a focus on waste after last week’s Waste Week. Please click here to see what our Key Stage 3 students have taken part in this week. I also draw your attention to the next World Kitchen instalment.

I was delighted earlier this week to receive from a parent (Mrs Rui Jiang) an original painting by her as a gift to the School in thanks for all the hard work by staff over recent months. The picture below of this painting probably does not do it justice, but when it is hanging in our Reception area and we start to welcome visitors back to the School I am sure they will be amazed at its beauty and it will forever be a reminder of all the work from our dedicated staff during the pandemic. I would like to thank Mrs Jiang publicly for this gesture at a time when staff in all schools continue to do their best for children and young people across the country.

Year 12 UCAS
Students in Year 12 have been sent an email from Mrs Keaney regarding the UCAS discovery day on 20th April. This is the time of year we would always want Year 12 to be thinking about their next steps and encouraging them to consider university. The UCAS discovery day involves a talk by Dr Alex George, A&E and TV doctor, and now Youth Mental Health Ambassador to the government. Please draw their attention to the email about this.

Years 11 and 13

We are aiming to set out next week our plans for the grading of GCSE, A level and vocational qualifications. We are aware of the need for clarity in this regard and very much hope that what we send to parents and students next week will provide this as far as possible ahead of the Easter break.


With lockdown still ongoing, please discuss with your child the importance of not gathering in groups outside the School or on their journey into or from school. This has particularly been an issue this week on Lovibonds Avenue to the point where students are blocking the pavements for members of the public who are alarmed at the lack of social distancing by some.

We always discourage as far as possible traffic anywhere near the School, but I need to remind parents that if you do have a need to use a car to drop off or pick up your child, to do so as far from the School as possible. This will help avoid adding to the congestion on Lovibonds Avenue. Please also do not turn in our driveway, or block local residents’ entrances. I also politely remind you to switch off your engines and cut pollution in the area.

Information from the London Borough of Bromley

The LBB would like to bring your attention to additional support available from the Bromley Housing Department to families in the Borough. Support is available for residents who have suffered financial hardship as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The attached self-referral form will need to be submitted to for processing. Parents and families who are eligible can receive assistance to help pay household energy and water bills, other essentials like warm clothing, soap, sanitary products, blankets or other essential household items. It may not be spent on rent payments, other housing costs or managing debt or general financial hardship. Payments will be made electronically or by e-voucher.


Bromley’s Road Safety Officer has written to schools to ask us to draw your attention to the fact that there is a growing number of electric scooters in Bromley, despite them being illegal. It may be that pupils are not aware of this or just need reminding before someone is seriously hurt or killed.  

The only e-scooters that can be legally used on roads and pavements are those provided under a trial being run by the Department of Transport and Transport for London in selected boroughs. At present, Bromley is not taking part in these e-scooter trials. Therefore, any e-scooter in Bromley using public areas is illegal.

The Police have the right to seize or remove these, fine riders and add points to any driving licences that are held.

Please discuss these matters, if relevant with your child. Needless to say, these scooters would not be allowed at school, but having seen their prevalence in the local area on my route home from school I am very concerned that a child from this school or another will soon be seriously hurt or killed as a result of using one of these on the roads.

Information from the police

The police have asked us to let you know about a very worrying issue they have become aware of in another London Borough with illegal drugs disguised as sweets. Please see below for details.

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