Parent Bulletin 12/03/21

Parent Bulletin 12/03/21

Return of all students

What a joy it has been to finally have all students back in school and in lessons today after a week of testing and phased return. I walked around much of the School this morning and was very impressed by how everyone was settling into lessons and seemingly (mostly) happy to be back! I have also been very pleased with the way students have adapted to the current COVID-19 safety guidance including the wearing of masks in classrooms as well as around the School. They are making a big difference in reducing risk and helping ensure the School runs smoothly despite the circumstances. Thank you to parents for your ongoing support with this. The testing has been a mammoth task, like nothing any school will have ever had to arrange before. Our students were brilliant in the way they handled this new experience for them and we are very proud of them.

Healthy Schools Award

We were recently awarded the Healthy Schools London Bronze Award in recognition of our ongoing efforts to improve the health and wellbeing of our students. Thank you to Mrs Thomas (Head of Food Technology) for once again helping the School achieve this award.

Year 9 Parents’ Evening

We were pleased to once again be able to provide a parents’ evening (virtual) despite the current circumstances. Thank you for the many positive messages about this evening which clearly was very much appreciated.

Bromley Well Young Carers

Bromley Well Young Carers would like us to share with you their latest newsletter which is available on their website:

Asymptomatic LFD Testing at School – home test kits to be distributed next week

Since Friday last week we have conducted 2639 asymptomatic LFD tests at school. Only 0.11% of these were positive. The national figure available at present is 0.19% of secondary school tests taken so far this term have been positive.  Whilst upsetting for those who have tested positive, the testing is seen as a means of ensuring the vast majority of students continue to come to school and schools stay open as we move through the weeks and months ahead. Thank you to all our staff who have worked so hard to help run our Test Site so efficiently and caring for the students during this time.

Year 7 have now had all three of their tests and other year groups have moved to their second tests. By this time next week all year groups will have had their three tests on site. Once each year group has had their three tests they will be given two boxes and an instructional leaflet to take home. These arrived at school today and will be distributed from next week. Tests should be taken 3-5 days apart, so roughly twice a week. Each box contains 3 tests, so each student will bring home a total of 6 tests and an instructional leaflet. The government has advised that the additional leaflet should be followed in place of the one that is contained in the box.

We will send further information regarding the home test kits early next week.

Years 11 and 13

We continue to understand the need for clarity on how grades will be awarded and what will be used for evidence to inform these grades. Whilst we now know that grades will be based on a Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG) and have begun working with Heads of Department to formulate our plans, before we can provide finalised plans we still need to wait for detailed exam board guidance and will need to ensure that we have in place robust processes to ensure that grades across a department are moderated so that grades are submitted to exam boards with proper oversight. We have sent out a video of ’10 things we do, and 10 things we don’t yet know about grading 2021′ to all of Year 11 and Year 13, and the link is in their school email inbox. Please encourage them to watch this video and to continue to work hard on their courses.

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