Parent Bulletin 05/02/21

Parent Bulletin 05/02/21

This week

This week’s main assembly Ms Wilson-Hooper raised awareness of Children’s Mental Health Week. We hope your children watched this and are excited about our follow-up – Wellbeing Wednesday. On Wednesday afternoon, next week, activities are being arranged in place of normal lessons. Whilst we have not completely gone screen-free with this, there are lots of activities we have suggested which will give students time away from their computers and phones should they wish for this. Please talk to them about this and encourage them to try one or more of the activities on Wednesday afternoon. If you have the time, perhaps join in! Here is the complete list of options.

On Thursday, we welcomed parents/carers of Year 11 to our virtual parents’ evening on SchoolCloud. Whilst the 5-minute appointments and strict adherence to this timing can prove tricky for all concerned, it sounds like the evening ran smoothly and we were pleased that we could arrange this. I am sure parents/carers and their children welcomed the chance for feedback from teachers. This has been such a difficult time for Year 11. Whilst we await the results of the consultation on how grades will be awarded this summer, please encourage them to continue to work hard on completing their courses and preparing well for post-16 study. We have a similar message for Year 13 and want all our examination year groups to know we are aware how hard this is for them and that they can only listen to their teachers and do their best.

Other parents’ evenings are as follows:

Year 12 – Thursday, 11th February

Year 8 – Thursday, 25th February

Year 9 – Thursday, 11th March

Year 10 – Thursday, 25th March

Year 7 – Thursday, 22nd April

Year 7 assessment data has been sent home this week along with guidance on how to interpret this. We have received a few queries about this and will therefore provide further guidance next week. In the meantime, Year 7 should be congratulated for coping so well during what has been such a disruptive start to their secondary education.

Remote learning

We continue to receive positive messages from parents about our remote learning provision. If your child is having to regularly share a device (laptop etc) in order to access learning at home, please let us know and we will see if we can help.

We are removing the requirement for students to click on the button on the website registering each day. We are now monitoring their engagement with their learning each day through the log we can access indicating their use of Microsoft Teams, OneDrive etc. We will be in touch if we have any concerns. Needless to say, the expectation is that pupils are ready to start their lessons in accordance with their usual timetable. In case you missed the link last week, on our website you can find our home learning provision summary here.

Shortly before Christmas we gave parents/carers the opportunity to complete a Bromley wide survey about IT access at home. The results of this are summarised on the LBB Education Matters website here.

This weekend’s weather

The forecast is currently for snow on Saturday night and Sunday. If this occurs, as usual our aim will be to be open to students and staff expecting to attend on Monday so long as it is safe to do so – this includes ensuring we have enough staff on site to run our provision. If we are unable to open, you will be notified by email and a message will be placed on the website. We will try to make the decision as soon as we can, but as I am sure parents/carers will appreciate, this is not always possible to do until Monday morning when we have fully assessed the site and are aware of the impact of the weather on travel. Regardless of the weather, learning from home will go ahead!


The PSFA met virtually on Monday evening. The meeting was very well attended and lots of ideas were shared. The PSFA website has now transferred to Darrick Wood School PSFA ( Please sign up here to get involved.

PTA Events are offering free advertising until the end of February on the PTA Events website and there are 20 slots available. If you know of any local businesses that would like to advertise please get in touch with the Committee at

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