Parent Bulletin 04.12.20

Parent Bulletin 04.12.20

This week

As you are aware, on Thursday I informed parents/carers of the decision to ask two year groups to stay at home today and into next week as a result of staff numbers having become too low to have all year groups on site safely. This was a difficult decision and definitely not one we would make if we could avoid it.

It is far from our ideal situation. Ideally, we want all students in school, but I would emphasise that if students who have to be at home go about things the right way and log-in each morning they can still make good progress with their learning whilst becoming more independent learners at the same time – a skill in itself.

It would seem from government announcements that remote learning is going to be with us in some manner for the foreseeable future and we are committed to providing the best version of this that we can. To support this, I draw your attention to the Remote Learning FAQ document shared in last week’s Parent Bulletin. It can be downloaded again here.

I am hopeful that Years 9 and 10 will be back on site again soon. How we manage the rest of the term for all year groups will, however, be dependent on our staffing levels. I will update you when I know more next week.


All the latest news from PSFA can be found in the newly launched newsletter below. The Committee is making a big difference despite the ongoing challenges of fund raising during the pandemic and I thank them for all their hard work.

Uniform suppliers

Both of our official uniform suppliers are open for business. See their websites for details. We are aware that stock levels had become low for PE kit but these are now becoming replenished and we will expect to see all students in the full PE uniform next term.

At Oz they have told us that several sizes in the skinny training pants are currently out of stock but are likely to be in from 9th December. They are expecting stock of the 1/4 zip top to be replenished around 15th January. They suggest checking on their website and if something is not in stock to add it to the wish-list to receive an email when it comes in.

At Graduates, they do now have in stock all of the PE kit with the exception of one size in the 1/4 zip top. Their latest flyer is provided below.

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