Parent Bulletin 20.11.20

Parent Bulletin 20.11.20

This week

In a week where a small number of our students have unfortunately received positive COVID-19 results, we have done our best in the circumstances to keep parents/carers informed. We have worked closely with public health and followed the guidelines set out for secondary schools in this situation and made decisions about who needs to isolate as a result of being considered a close contact.

Even as a I write this I am conscious that none of us would ever have thought schools would be in a position where they were insisting students did not come into school. We are living through strange and difficult times but continue to strive to do our best to provide education for all students, whether they are in school or having to isolate. A new video is now available that can be accessed by parents/carers to help explain how learning resources are made available for those isolating at home. I encourage you to watch this. It also shows where homework assignments are set. You can access the video here.

In an effort to be more efficient in handling any further positive COVID-19 cases I have this week written to parents about an online form that should be completed to report a positive result for their child. The form is available on the website here and via this link here.

We keep those currently affected by the virus in any way in our thoughts and look forward to seeing them back at school as soon as possible.

This week was anti-bullying week. A whole school virtual assembly was held regarding this. Unfortunately the technology let us down half way through, interrupting the assembly but the resources were then sent to all Form Tutors to follow-up with in registration later. Of course, every week is anti-bullying week, but it is important to mark national efforts to prevent bullying in this way and encourage all our students to live by the School’s values or Respect, Responsibility and Honesty.

Next week

Next week’s assembly will again be virtual. We will be encouraging all students to vote as part of the UK Youth Parliament Make Your Mark campaign. Fingers crossed the technology will hold out this time and all our students will then go online and help the UK Youth Parliament decide on which national and local issues to focus over the year ahead (

Before/after school catch-up classes are beginning from next week, initially for Years 11 and 13. We are also formulating plans for other year groups and are grateful we have some additional funding from the government specifically to try to plug the gaps generated during the first lockdown. You will be contacted by email if your child is identified as needing to attend one of these.

Year 13 begin their mock examinations next week. We wish them all well. 


Schools have their own guidance to follow to ensure all children get the opportunity to continue education throughout this period. This does not mean the lockdown rules do not apply once the school day is over.

In particular we have this week heard rumours of sleepovers and parties. We hope these are just rumours and that as a community we are all working together to reduce risk of coronavirus transmission. One thing that would really help is to talk to your child about social distancing when outside school and the current lockdown rules generally. We are aware that most completely understand these and follow them, but we are receiving complaints from members of the public as they are unable to socially distance when such large numbers do not move away from school quickly, blocking the pavements. I emphasise it is not the majority but please encourage your child to go straight home and to keep their distance wherever possible.

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