Earth Day – 22nd April 2020 #BeCreative

Earth Day – 22nd April 2020 #BeCreative

Dear all,

Today – Wednesday, 22nd April 2020 – is Earth Day and, alongside it, an opportunity to #BeCreative. As part of this special initiative and day, we have collapsed the timetable and invite all students to use today’s learning time to be innovative, creative and produce something truly inspirational for Earth Day 2020.

We invite every student at Darrick Wood School to use the 22nd April 2020 to take part in the #BeCreative Earth Day challenge, in partnership with the World Class Schools Network. Watch online at for a new episode on Wednesday to mark Earth Day!

You can now also follow all the action live on our Twitter feed at – there are already many great examples of the work being produced!

If you’re logged on to your School account, you can also see the entries here.

So, in this call to action for all Darrick Wood School students, email in your work, and be in with the chance to win house points and a prize for your creative endeavours too!

On April 22nd 1970 Gary Anderson, a student in America, was creative. He designed the recycling symbol to honour the first Earth Day in 1970. His creativity has changed the world for the better. On April 22nd 2020 – Earth Day (50 years later) World Class Schools invite everyone to #BeCreative and produce whatever creative thing they have done or are doing to keep happy, and to celebrate our shared humanity. Earth Day is about a new way forward for our planet, so what better day on which to #BeCreative? Earth Day is a historic moment when citizens of the world rise up in a united call for creativity, innovation and ambition to solve the world’s problems.

So what do you need to do? Use today (Wednesday, 22nd April 2020) to #BeCreative and produce something new and original, that’s creative, to represent Earth Day. For information and inspiration from Earth Day, read more here. Create something along the theme of Earth day, and then send your work in to us at by 5pm on 22nd April 2020.

If you need ideas, check out the resources, links and ideas below for a place to start, although you can come up with your own ideas and use your own tools and resources too. You can also check on for live updates and ideas throughout the day. Remember you can include your work on this topic on your CV or UCAS application, for example!

Some ideas for you to consider include:

  1. Music projects to make time fly: 
  2. Learn about pottery and ceramics at
  3. Complete some creative writing, using these Earth Day prompts here
  4. See some great ideas from one of our own students here!
  5. Learn to play something on an instrument, that focuses on EarthDay:
  6. Complete some of these challenges from the Maths department
  7. Take part in the Royal Academy Daily Doodle Challenge at RADailyDoodle on Twitter with @royalacademy
  8. In Dance, Mrs Rose would love for you to be as creative as possible! “It would be wonderful if some of you were creative in Dance and maybe created a dance of your own. It could be a solo dance or some of you are in contact with each other so would be cool if you could work together and create a group piece by using technology and piecing it together…?! Other things to consider for your dance: location (s) where you will do the dance; costume; music; how it is filmed; and, possibly edited. Anything you create send to Have fun and if you want me to help in anyway, just send me an email and I can see what I can do! Look forward to seeing what you come up with! BE CREATIVE! Mrs Rose”
  9. Complete some EcoClub ideas, and ideas from the WWF, here
  10. For IT and computing ideas, see the ideas of the ICT department here
  11. See creative ideas from the Science department here
  12. See creative ideas from the Food Tech department here
  13. See creative ideas from the Art department here
  14. Use the life and activities of a bumble bee to inspire something creative from @TheWorksStores
  15. Watch Kirsie on Keep Crafting and Carry On, and learn how to make a bug hotel for your garden or the outside
  16. Use the daily ideas at @HobbyCraft to inspire ideas and creative EarthDay focused activities
  17. This is suitable for KS3 and KS4 French students. You can watch, translate and then use the vocabulary to write a poem or do a poster in French on how we can help the environment.
  18. Look at Beckford School’s ideas for BeCreative, including turning a loo roll in to a piece of art, using technology to repurpose an old object in the house into something else, and writing a short story, Haiku or song about the importance of sustainability for the world
  19. See the German Powerpoint here. For German, there is also a link for a German environment magazine with lots of ideas on how to engage with the environment and be creative:

    This is a link for two environment songs/rap in German. Students could write/record their own rap song in German and share it with the school community! and
  20. The Children’s Creativity Museum have some excellent ideas
  21. For Spanish, consider the story of a butterfly. Use this resource found here, and then consider completing the following:
    -Create a video/voice recording telling the story in Spanish. You could colour in the pictures and use them as you tell the story on your video.
    -Use the story to create your own colourful storyboard showing each stage of the monarch butterfly’s life with explanations written in Spanish.
    -Write out the story of the Monarch butterflies in Spanish and translate the story underneath, creating a dual language story for other children to read and learn Spanish. Decorate with pictures.
  22. The Design Museum has a couple of online lessons that fit in with Earth Day.
    For KS3 – How could you reuse some of your rubbish?
    For GCSE and above – Be the CEO of your own ethical and sustainable company
  23. Keep checking back as we add new ideas up and until the 22nd April 2020.

Mr Eynon

Email your work in to

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